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CoffeeHive has its origins in Melbourne, Australia – the world’s coffee capital.

Our aim is to share this culture with our customers by delivering specialty coffee to both coffee lovers and the uninitiated alike. CoffeeHive brings together the best of both worlds. We combine the coffee know-how from Melbourne with specialty grade beans sourced from select growers.

For our Indian customers we have combined with local growers to bring a range of coffees to market. We hope you enjoy your coffee experience with us! CoffeeHive is a unit of Trackpoint Services India Pvt Ltd.

Coffee Hive
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  1. Cold Brew - Vanilla
  2. Cold Brew- Caramel
  3. Cold Brew - Coconut
    Out of Stock
  4. Cold Brew- Classic
  5. INDIA CHIKMAGALUR - Honey Arabica
    INDIA CHIKMAGALUR - Honey Arabica
    As low as $12.50
  6. INDIA, CHIKMAGALUR – Washed Peaberry
    INDIA, CHIKMAGALUR – Washed Peaberry
    As low as $12.50
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6 Items

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